From the recording Howl In The Valley

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Fight Like Hell

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Honey it’s too late for a fight, can we just go to bed
I know sleep won’t come tonight, but we’ll pretend
We’ll lay awake and think of all the things, we should have said
I should reach for you, but I’m reaching, for the lights, instead

We’ll be fine in the morning
We’ll disguise our emotions
Convince ourselves that we’re ok
Cuz we meant every word, that we didn’t say

Why are we drowning
When we know how to swim
Why are we giving up
On a fight we can win
There’s no locks on these cages
Where our hearts both dwell
So let’s set this wild love free
And fight like hell

Supposedly the ones the we love the most, are the ones, we hurt
But you and me don’t carry any scars, that are caused by words
let it be to keep the peace is how we’ve, done this before
But this love is worth the fight so tonight, I’m declaring war