1. Drive

From the recording Howl In The Valley

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It’s been a long year for the both of us

I’ve been working 2 jobs and I ain’t seen you much

Times are hard baby, and money sure is tight

I swear this house is starving for the sound of your laugh

And I know that it ain’t easy holding your tears back

But don’t give up baby, we’re gonna be alright

And I know you get so worried sometimes, scared that we might break

(Well) let’s just leave this bullshit for tomorrow, and not worry bout a thing

Let’s just drive,all day, only taking roads we don’t know

Let’s just lose, ourselves, down some ole back country road

We’ll chain smoke, cigarettes, and sing those 90’s songs you like

We can worry bout our troubles tomorrow, but today baby, let’s just drive

And every time it feels like we can breathe again

There’s a storm on the horizon waiting to blow in

Don’t you worry baby, this wind won’t shake my love

So let the rains fall and let the winds blow rough

Yeah we may get knocked down but we’ll just get back up

Cuz we got heart baby, they’ll never shake our love

And I know it gets so crazy sometimes, and we can’t catch a break

No I may not have the answers right now, but I’ve got a full tank

Drive all night like we own the road, we’ll sing so loud while the gas light glows

It’s been on for hours but we don’t care, cuz you look so pretty with the wind in your hair