1. Tough Love

From the recording Howl In The Valley

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Tough Love

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Verse 1:
Well she’s a southern kinda stubborn, but Lord knows I love it, I think it’s sexy when she’s mean
And he's a 60 hour working guy, songwriting part time, I think it’s sexy when he sings

Lord I don’t come from money, I say me neither honey, we work hard for everything we own

That’s why we don’t care, when we broke as hell, we just keep on keeping on

Pre Chorus
Now there’s been days when we’ve had it made, there’s been times we was hungry & broke

When we’re living it up, when we’re down on our luck, there’s only one thing I know for sure

I got your back, you got mine, we take the world head on side by side

They can try and take what they want from us, They’ll never shake us down

We gotta tough kind of love

Verse 2
Well we’d be happy ever after in a single-wide castle, me & my trailer park queen

Or give us fake grass & picket fences, middle class suburban princess It dont really matter to me

Cause if I got you baby and you got me, that’s all we need to get by

We don’t worry or doubt, we just figure it out, we’ll make it work or we’ll die trying

Pre Chorus
We’ve sang in the sunshine & danced in the rain, had the wind blow us to the ground

We wipe off the blood & we get back up, there ain’t nothing gonna keep us down