1. Shadow Dancers

From the recording Howl In The Valley

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Shadow Dancers

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I been writing this song, for the better part of this year
The words are hard to come by when there’s no time for sitting still
Oh tonight I’m feeling tires as hell, but I know this song ain’t gone write itself
So I light my cigarette and pour my bourbon tall
Watch the shadow dancers from these candles run across the wall
Oh they’re waiting on me to play a song they like
But they only know the words to the songs I’ve yet to write

I put my pen to the paper put a pick to the string
My heart becomes fire, my songs are gasoline
And I feel those chains of doubt falling off of me
And I get lost in every single word I sing
So once the liquor’s gone I face reality
It’s just one more song for the shadow dancers and me

So I take these foolish thoughts & put em out of my head
gotta quit this drinking and stop daydreaming, gotta get myself to bed
But the shadow dancers they won’t let me rest, they say keep on playing the flame ain’t burned out yet